Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide women with a healing experience that is accompanied with prayer, forgiveness, self-worth, confidence, peace, happiness and educational tools in a NON JUDGEMENTAL environment. Women are strong, powerful and courageous but sometimes the trauma they’ve experienced makes it hard for them to recognize their worth. We pray that through the “Saving Our Sisters” experience, women will be able to look in the mirror again or for the first time and say, “I AM BEAUTIFUL, EVEN IF KNOWONE ELSE AGREES”. Our vision is to set the atmosphere where women can turn their trauma into triumph and their hurt into healing.

Mission Statement

Saving Our Sisters by Knowing My Truth is a Non-Profit Christian organization that empowers, motivates and inspires women to find purpose within their past traumatic experiences while teaching them how to rebuild faith, trust, hope, confidence and self-esteem.

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